Maximize Your Mornings

"She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls." 

     I know this verse.  I know the benefits of getting up early and starting my day with  the Lord.  Then why am I not doing it?!?!  
     I could list all the reasons excuses. Instead I 'm just going to challenge myself (and any of you that want to come along) to get back to what I know works.  And I will not be doing it alone...thankfully! Kat over at Inspired to Action has helped to start the ball rolling with a Maximize Your Mornings Challenge! 

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The Challenge:
Follow this free e-book step by step and put those steps into action
The Purpose:
To make the most of my  mornings so I can be the more of the wife  and mother  God has called me to be!

My maximize Your Mornings Goals:
 10:30 Bedtime
 Your wake up time is only as good as your bedtime!
        5:30 Wake up time
 Yes, I mean a.m. 
5:35 Exercise
 25 sit-ups and 30 minutes of aerobic movement. This is the minimum I am aiming for. The more the better here!
6:15 Dust a room a day
  Dusting is one of those things I put off doing when I clean. I'm hoping doing it here will help.
6:30 Shower and Dress
My  day goes so much smoother when I know I  can walk out of the door (without scaring the neighbors) whenever I need to. 
7:00 Quiet time
My goal is to be in the family room at 7 a.m. having my quiet time when they wake up.  I will have their Bibles ready so  they can just sit down and have their own quiet time until I am done.

     I purposely planned my quiet time at the end of the schedule because I feel like it is important for my girls to see me having it.  My mom told me "actions speak louder then words" and she was right.  Hopefully, seeing me have quiet time will leave more of an impression on them.   I do not plan on doing devotions at this time, either.   We have tried that.  It does not work for us for a couple of reasons. First,  we have to wait on everyone to be awake to start.  (I have one that sleeps about 30 minutes later than the others.)  Second, I spend more time trying to get them to focus than focusing on the Lord.  If we just have quiet time they can jump in when they wake up and they have not missed anything and I can focus:)  We have devotions built into our school we are good.
7:30 Breakfast
No explanation required
8:00 Clean up and chores
The girls will be working on their chores.  I will be cleaning up breakfast dishes, sweeping the kitchen and folding the load of laundry from the night before.
9:00 Start School

I'm very excited about this challenge!  I think it would benefit every mom to start her day before her family wakes!  

Are you Maximizing  Your Mornings? 


Gretta said...

Wow, I SO needed this! As a first year homeschooling family, I am guilty of letting us "sleep in" every morning and schooling in the afternoons. It has really been on my heart lately to change but I wasn't sure how to do it. Thanks for the exact motivation I needed and encouragement and I will be joining you in this challenge/change. Have a blessed weekend!

Amy said...

Thank you for leading me to this post!!! I will accept the callenge and hopefully be an encouragement to you as we both try for consistency.