A New Name (again)

Okay.  My Mr. Steady accuses me of being finicky all the time.  He hates to hang pictures for me.  He claims I will move the furniture in a few weeks and then want to move the pictures again.   He claims I am always changing things around.  I don't know what he is talking about!  Or....do I?   Because  here I go changing things around here on my blog, again.    I have been wrestling with the length of the title Joyful Creations to Honor Him  since I changed it here.  Well, it came to me last night.  Joyful Creations at Home!   It is not taken, yet. Which is a feet in itself because there are a lot of blogs with "joyful" in the title.  Really, I've looked them all up.   It's simple and  it's one word and two syllables shorter!    I feel like it represents me pretty well.   I am a stay-at-home,  homeschooling mom finding the joy in every day life.  So, there it is.  Hope you all like it. Hopefully you  don't think I'm as finicky as my hubby says I am. (wink wink )  I promise this is the last time.  Really.....  cross my heart and hope to....well I won't go that far......but this is my name and I'm sticking with it!
Have a blessed day!

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