Week 3 of Maximizing My Mornings

     This week the goals are all about making a plan for exercise.  I have been walking 3-5 days a week for an hour at a time all summer. So...I should be all set, right?  Wrong. Exercise gets tricky for me this time of year.  Mr. Steady's work schedule gets very demanding and is never the same.   Soooooo I never know when he'll be around.  Actually, he is just never around. As a result I can not count on him to watch the grits while I take my walks.  This wouldn't be a very big deal if I did not mind doing work out videos so much. You see, I love my walks outdoors.  The fresh air, the quiet of it all, the time with the Lord, the fact that once I get 1 mile into it if I stop I'll never get home.....so I have to keep going!

   Workout videos just don't give me the same inspiration.  If I have to choose one to do though, it is definitely Leslie Sasone's Walk Away the Pounds.    It's simple and effective.  It is also great to do if you have toddlers that would otherwise climb on you doing floor exercises.  There are none of those in it.  And all my Grits like to walk along if they are awake early.

So, what is my plan of action?

  • There should be 2 days a week I can get an outdoor walk in before 7 am.  So, I will take what I can get and go outdoors those two days.  I will plan on taking an hour long walk both days.

  • The other days of the week I plan on getting up and doing a mile with Leslie...this takes about 30 minutes.  That's about all I can do before I am turning it off because I am bored. 
  • Then I will walk to the park near our house with the Grits after school to get a little more exercise in on my video days.  

I have recently lost about 25 pounds and would like to lose 40 more!  I have such a long way to go...it's hard to not get discouraged.  I know I will have to add some harder workouts later to keep the weight coming off.  But, I am determined to go slow and steady and not get discouraged and quite altogether.   I am hoping this schedule will keep me on the right track.

What is your exercise routine?  I'd love to hear some ideas for great workout videos!

Have a blessed day!


Monica said...

Hi Joyce

You won the SpellQuizzer program. Please email me at m_wharton@yahoo.com


Joyce said...

Cool! Thanks, Monica!