A Week to Take Action!

Hey!  Are you wondering what I have been up to? I am taking a break from the regular posts I try to get up to Take Action  in some areas of my life that desperately need it. It's already Friday!  The week is flying by, but here's what has been going on so far. (Thanks for the motivation, Kat @ Inspired to Action!)

Taking action on Tuesday:  Action to completely spend the day with my family.  This is Mr. Steady's off day. I always want to put down all tasks at hand and plan some family fun on this day, but am never quite successful.  Well, I did it this week!   We went to see Veggie Tales Live with the GRITS!  We had a great day!  It is a great show and you should go if you ever have the chance. We had a great day and I did not open an email, or check my blog, or do laundry or anything!  I just enjoyed my family!

Taking Action on Wednesday:   I did ALL my grocery shopping yesterday!  Really!  I hit Publix, Kroger and Winn Dixie!  This is my goal from now on..  Wed. is grocery day and that is it!  I am taking a clue from those wise pioneer women and designating one day for each task.  More and this later.

Taking Action Thursday-  It feels boring to tell you that Thursdays is the day I plan on washing bedsheets.  But, there it is.  This is my day of the week to take care of that big task.  We have ballet on Thursdays, so I also run errands in town and go to the bank.  We also eat at Earth Fare for Family night.  For a purchase of $5 up to 6 kids eat free!  Yes, you read that right!  Check with your local Earth Fare to see if they do this!

Did you take action this week?  I would love for you to share! Leave a comment or leave a link to your blog post below!

Have a blessed day!


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