A Great Free Christmas Unit Study!

I figured this year, instead of trying to beat it...we'd join it!  Meaning....Instead of trying to do our regular studies and all the stuff that comes along with Christmas, I would try to find a way to make all the Christmas activities school.  Well, I went searching online and I found this great website with a bunch of free unit studies.

I clicked on the first one and loved it!

I went to a friend's Stampin' Up party and bought one of these....

I decided I wanted to not only put a few treats in the girls' advent calendar this year, but acts of kindness and giving as well.  Day One of this Unit Study is all about the Advent Wreath and Calendar.  It gives a list of 28 activities that put the focus on scripture and helping others!  Perfect!

Each day focuses on a different Christmas symbol.  Today we are talking about bells. We listened to Carol of the Bells on You Tube.  One of my favorites!  Here are the grits making 3-D bell ornaments.

 Would love to know what you find! Leave a comment and let me know!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

That's a fantastic idea!

Joyce said...

Thanks, Beth. I'm trying so hard to get their focus off themselves and on to others at this time of the year:)

They are pretty thoughtful girls....but sometimes this time of the year gets them so focused on the "stuff" they want.

Sharon Cz said...

Joyce I absolutely love the unit study. I'm printing it up now and am going to put it in a binder. Wish I could have started it on Dec 1 (next year!). We did make an advent wreath out of a potato and rosemary and foil. We've been doing it every Sunday as a family. I'm going to curl up & read the unit study now & see how I can adapt it for us! BTW, you always have the best ideas. Carol of the bells and 3D bells. Great!

Sharon Cz said...

Did I ever tell you about the great book we found on Norway? It had wonderful ways they celebrate Christmas - both secular and Christian. There were activities, crafts, songs... Also, they had coloring pages from the most famous Norwegian folklorist. It was great fun. If you ever decide to study countries, I'll be happy to give you a copy of the notebook. My plan was to do one country every December. So far ... umm .... it hasn't happened tho'

Joyce said...

Hey, Sharon! You're so sweet....but, the ideas are never mine. Both ideas for the bells come from the unit study:)

Yes, I think we explore different countries next year with MFW....so I'd love o borrow your notebook!

Come see us soon! We miss you guys!