This is a list I just read in an email from Focus on the Family.  I like it and wanted to share:)

"Keeping Christ in Christmas ...
In December, it's easy to get lost in the hustle of the holidays--especially with kids in the house. How do we truly keep Christ in Christmas?
Here are some helpful tips from some other busy parents like you. We hope they'll inspire you to find your own unique ways to help your children celebrate Jesus this year.

1) Take a few minutes at the end of the day to read a few verses from the Christmas story.

2) Talk together about how you can bless an elderly neighbor, a single parent or an adoptive family. Download a free booklet of ideas.

3) Bake a "birthday cake" to celebrate Jesus' birth. (We have baked one for Christmas morning and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus first thing for the past few years.  It is the sweetest part of the whole day!)

4) As you're shopping or waiting in line, pray for those around you who might not know the Lord.

5) Ask your pastor or school principal about ways you could help a struggling family in your community.

6) Give your kids an early Christmas gift--the opportunity to pick out a special devotional book to share. You can find some great options for children and teens in our Family Store.

7) Make a list of "gifts" you and your family could give to Jesus this year--like acts of kindness, prayers for friends and family or even decisions to spend more time with Him "

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