Freezer Friday: Quiche

I did not realize how easy it is to make quiche!  I decided to try it for Christmas morning breakfast because there were a few recipes in my freezer cookbook. And I had a ton of eggs because of some great Kroger deals on them! Of course, I ended up not quite getting all the right ingredients. Sooooooo, I got on my fav recipe site and found an alternate recipe.  I guess you can't really mess this stuff up...because I tried hard it and it was just fine.  Well, I guess it was better than fine  because Mr. Steady made a point to tell me it was good. He is a man of few you know you did alright when he makes a point to tell you about it:) Check out how easy it is.....
The hardest part.....fry as much bacon as you need. This turned out to be the easiest part for me because I stink at frying bacon. I either cook it too long and it's burnt tasting or not long enough and the fatty part is still too soft.  So, Mr. Steady took pity on me and cooked one and a half pounds for me!  Quiche is not a low fat food!

Then I laid out mt pie crusts.  These are the Pillsbury refridgerated kind.  Of course, they were purchased  on sale with a coupon. Look at my fancy edges.  I really outdid myself with those, huh?  Smush and press.

Then crumble up your bacon, or ham or whatever you like in the bottom. I did 3 bacon and 2 ham.  This was right after Christmas so we ha some leftover ham that needed new plan.

Mix the dry ingredients.

Then mix the eggs and cream with the cheese and pour into the crust.  No, that is not my hand!  Mr. Steady had to help me out because in the middle of making these I had to stop and make dinner.  On the menu that night...potato soup. Not something you can walk away from. But, I needed to quiches off the table so we could eat.  Mr. Steady to the rescue!  He finished them up for me!
And then Viola!  Five quiches ready to go in the freezer!

OOPS!  No picture!  I forgot to take it.

Here they are in the freezer.  I just have foil over them.  There is probably a better way to wrap them.  I was just being lazy and figured we'd eat them before they had a chance to freezer burn.  
I plan on using them for Sunday breakfast or brunch after church. 
Yes, there are only 4 there. We've eaten one this week.

Here is the recipe for this Yummy Quiche .
Note:I did not have green Chile peppers so I just omitted them.

Got any good freezer recipes for me to try?  Leave me a comment and I'll give them a whirl!

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