It's a "Snowflake Celebration!"

This is a tradition we started a few years ago after a very crafty friend gave us the idea.  I showed up at her house one January day to find her windows and doors plastered with paper snowflakes!  It was awesome!  What a great way to jazz up the otherwise blah month of January! We have been creating our own personal blizzard ever since!  Dancing Grit named it our "Snowflake Celebration!"
This is all you need to have your own Snowflake Celebration! Just gather your supplies and your little weather makers!  Soon you'll have a snowstorm of your very own!

 Here is the end result!  These  don't do it justice because it's just hard to take pictures of windows:)  It really is so pretty!

The GRITS really had fun with these this year.  They got pretty fancy! We tried our hand at 6-sided snowflakes.  We followed this tutorial. We ended up back with the 4-sided ones.  They are just simpler to work with.  I'm sure as time goes on we'll get better at this and master those 6-sided ones as well!
This is such a fun learning opportunity, too!  We talked about no two flakes being the same.  Just the way that no two people are the same, but we are all special because we were created by God just the way we are. 
We talked about how snowflakes are formed.  We read that they start with a tiny piece of dirt! It's a little harder for me to eat it knowing that.

 This site a a great kid friendly explanation of the science of snowflakes.

Tomorrow's snowflake craft comes from a great Etsy shop, The Career Scrapper!  I'll be doing a review and giveaway! Hope you'll come back and check it out!


Jamie said...

what a great way to end this yucky rainy yucky day! Cookies and snowflakes here we come!....after nap time of course!

Jamie said...

is the thought of a tiny bit of dirt worth missing out on the tasty taste of cold snowy snow? NO WAY!