Make It Happen Mondays: Maximizing My Mornings....again!

Good Monday Morning everyone!  Hope it is going well for all of you.  I have gotten up this morning with a renewed inspiration.  You may remember me posting about Maximize Your Mornings here a few months ago.  Well, I had a great start, but of course when the holidays hit everything went out the window! I am ready to get back to business!  I miss spending time with the Lord, I need to be exercising every day and I am tired of being grouchy because I feel behind before the day ever starts.  If this describes how you feel....go this inspiring post from Kat at Inspired to Action....and join or rejoin me in saying "Hello Mornings!" I love the new Accountability Captains she is putting in place.  Maybe with one of those I won't fall off the wagon again:) I'm going to change a few things about my schedule. The point is to have quiet time with God, so I think we'll all do it a little different, but hopefully end with the same results.

I am not in a bible study right now and that has been part of the problem for me.  I need a plan, but I would like it to be flexible.  I'm going to give this bible reading plan a try.

Can't vouch for it, yet.  But wanted to mention it in case anyone else needed a plan:) If you have any great tips for making the most of your mornings...I'd love to hear them!

Have a great morning and a blessed day!

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