Publix Savings $90!

Along with the many other things I do....I am a couponer.  It definitely takes time and work. But, I am making this post to show anyone who is reluctant to try it how much  they can save!  I am always telling my friends who don't coupon they should at least do Publix and this is why.......
I got all of this for $40 and some change!  My savings was just over $90! That is over 100% savings!  And I came home with real food!  Coupons are not just for junk food =)

Publix is so great because they match competitors coupons, double up to .50, and stack with store coupons!

Here is a list of my booty in case you can't tell by the picture:)
(16x) cans of Almonds (We love them,but I never have the Q for the deal. I had extras this time. I used every coupon I had:)
(2x) bags of lettuce
(1x) jar of salsa
(4x) packs of Stayfree Pads
(4x) bottles of cooking oil
(4x) Taco Bell dinner kits
(1x) 4pack Yoplait
(1x) 6 pack Kozy shack pudding
(1x) Kozy Shack cinn/raisin pudding
(2x) 6ct Pop Secret
(3x) Hunts diced tomatoes
(1x) Halls cough drops
(2x) Travel First Aide kits

I follow a lot of the coupon/deal blogs out there.  But I would recommend visiting Southern Savers for the simplest, most comprehensive printable grocery matching list. Jenny can teach you all you need to know to start saving like this, too!


Sharon Cz said...

Hey Joyce, that was interesting to see that you got actual food. I DID always think they were for junk food. Most of the items you got, we actually use. I'll have to explore this some more...

Joyce said...

Hey, Sharon:)
Let me know if you have any couponing questions. I am not an expert, but have learned a lot in the year I have been doing it. The two best stores locally to start at are Publix and CVS. They are the most coupon friendly:)
Thanks for following me:)