Some more snowflake fun!

We continue our Snowflake Celebration with another craft, a book, and a yummy treat!  Our snowflake celebration is so versatile! It can be all fun like the craft and treats below.....or you can turn it into a unit study with things like the book The Snowy Day.
50% off and a coupon at CVS after Christmas!  I love my CVS savings!

A cute, easy read about a little boy named Peter and what he does on this snowy day.

I got this kit at Wally World for 75% off after Christmas which made it $1.25!

 I'm glad I didn't pay more for it!  The idea behind it was great......there were blue and white foam snowflakes with pieces punched out.  There were silver glittered dots to decorate with at the end. The plan was to swap out the different pieces until you get one that looks like the one on the front of the box.  The problem was the pieces did want to stay in place. And the silver cord they gave you to tie at the top was IMPOSSIBLE to tighten.  36 snowflakes later I was done, done, done with these:)

The Grits did enjoy the process and in the end they made a very pretty start to our snowflake tree.  (see picture above:)

Can't decide if I'm crazy or creative for keeping my Christmas tree up to decorate with snowflakes this month. Dancing Grit loved the idea, and they all had fun re-decorating it with these snowflakes.   I guess if I base my opinion on my's a winner! And....yes...there are still presents under there!

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