We've been having "snow" much fun here this past week!

I wanted to get all this posted for Weekly Wrap Ups on Friday, but it just didn't happen:(
Better late then never!
Look what we woke up to last Monday morning.......

It wasn't the snow they predicted, but it was so neat to watch the grits explore it! They headed outside as soon as they woke up!
Here they are holding the first tiny icicles they broke off . 

They had a great time knocking down every icicle they could reach! It became a spontaneous homeschool lesson!  We reviewed solids, liquids and gases.  Then we talked about the hazards of ice covering everything.
 Even Baby Grit got out there.
Her lesson......ice is cold!
Notice.......no gloves.

Gloves! She said "I need my glubs!"

They could not resist eating it!

But,I had a better treat for them!
 Sporty Grit was put in charge of getting the hot cocoa ready.
While Dancing Grit helped Baby Grit get undressed.  (this is how mommas have big families.....the older ones help a lot!)

  I got out the book and treats I had stashed away for this month.  I picked these cute cookies up at CVS at 50% off.  I knew they would go great with Penguins, an Usborne book I ordered  to use during our Snow Celebration. My grits love these Early Reader books!  They have bright, engaging pictures that grab their attention! I love how  the information is laid out in bite sized chunks.  They are able to digest little bits at a time and then retain  it all much better!

  It was perfect! The grits drank their hot cocoa while I read to them about an animal that lives in  a habitat covered in ice. We also learned that there are warm weather penguins on the African beaches!  Did not know that! 

This was one of those really great homeschool opportunities that reminds you why you love to do this:)


Brandi said...

We have the ice thing going on today too! My kids think we should have off because the public schools are off, they are funny!

Love the cookies, very cute!


Joyce said...

You make me laugh....tell them it's just another perk of homeschooling;)
Stay warm!