Weekly Wrap-Up: Cloudy With "No" Chance of Meatballs

     I have been wanting to do a unit study attached to this book (attached to the movie) ever since it came out.  I got the movie on DVD with the first great deal I came across.  You know we couponers never buy anything that is not sale without a coupon:) So, I think it was a coupon and a rebate deal from Spot Shot.  The point is I have had it for a LONG time!  And I waited, and waited, and waited to reveal it because I wanted to do the unit study before they watched it.   I don't know why it just never seemed to fall into place.  And the grits would ask to rent it every time we went to the Redbox. I would mumble some excuse and hope it would buy me until the next week. Well, I finally decided to just do it.  And, although, I'm not sure this counts as a whole unit study it worked out great! 
So this is how it went.....
     Mondays are Family Movie Night around here.  Mr. Steady is off on Tues. So, Monday is like our Friday night. Follow me?  The other Monday thing the grits have started is A.S.K. It is a community bible study after school. It starts at 3 p.m. and goes until 4:30.
     I have to break off on a tangent and say how wonderful that one and a half hours is!  Don't get me wrong. I love homeschooling. I love my grits. And I love having them with me every waking moment of every single day. Really, I do:) But,  a couple of hours of solace are really nice, too.  The baby is usually napping.  So, it's just me and my thoughts and the laundry and dinner and whatever else..... totally uninterrupted.  Bless those gals at ASK!
    Seriously, though, ASK has been phenomenal!  They are learning so much and having a blast!  If you have an A.S.K. program in your community I would definitely check it out.
     Now, where was I?  Yes, the grits were dropped off by a friend I am carpooling with.  I had the spaghetti going, our activities laid out and the movie hidden:)  The only thing missing was the meatballs.  I just didn't think ahead. And I had used up all these I had from the freezer.  So, unfortunately, there was no chance of meatballs.
    They came in and immediately asked what movie we were going to get for Movie Night.  I told them it was a surprise and served them dinner.  They had no clue.  Then I read them the book. Still, no clue! Then, I pulled out this great lapbook and we all worked on it together.  Still oblivious! Finally, as they finished up their activities, I pulled out the movie and surprised them with it!  They were thrilled! I just can't believe they never figured out the "surprise" movie! I got the lapbook from Homeschool Share. It's a great site with tons of free lapbooks and unit studies. Here is it is all done.

Some of it we worked on together and I filled in the lapbook.  Then, I gave each of them something of their own to work on. (forgot to snap any pictures) It was a really great way to work together at different levels. I am really considering using lapbooks for more of my curriculum!
FYI-The gits loved the movie!  It had a bit of a different story line, but they loved finding the similarities between the book and the movie.


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