Wordless Wednesday: Georgia Aquarium Field Trip


Gretta said...

We've been debating planning a trip there this summer. Your pictures are so cute & make me want to go ourselves now. Looks like ya'll had a great time & your family is beautiful!!

Joyce said...

Thanks, Gretta:)
It was really awesome. The difference in age made is a little tough. The baby just could not keep up with the older girls and she did not want to be in the stroller:)
I wish I'd had my husband with me. It was really crowded and hard to keep up with all of them by myself. We went with our homeschool group, but we all split up. Then another mom (with a teenager) saw I needed some help and stuck with me the rest of the day. She and her husband were a lifesaver!
All in all it was a great trip, though. We got discounted tickets because we went as a group. Don't know if your cover would put it together, but it might be worth checking into.