Saturday Savings: How to Win More SwagBucks

A lot of my friends ask me "How do I earn more Swagbucks?"  While I am no Swagger Guru, I do know a few ways.   Don't know what Swagbucks are?  Go here to read about this great way to earn free stuff!

If you are already swagging and want to earn more on!

These are all on the Swagbucks website drop down menu under Earn.

  • Coupons (print from here and earn when you use them)
  • Daily Deals (Right now earn by buying a deal from Living Social! Can't beat that! Get a great deal and earn bucks!  Not a member of Living Social, yet.  Join's free, of course!)
  • Daily Polls* (the polls are quick and easy.  They don't pay much, but every little bit helps.)
  • Games (I'm gonna have to get Mr. Steady on the free ones...he is the gamer in the house)
  • NOSO* (No Obligation Special Offers-follow the path by "skipping" all the offers and see if you win at the end. When you win, it's a buck or two for a few clicks.)
  • Search

  • Special Offers* (look for the free stuff-I don't do many of these because they usually have strings attached.)
  • SwagBucks TV (This looks easy, but may take a little time)
  • Tasks (I'm anxious to try this one.)
  • Trade In (Okay, I'm excited about this one!  I have lots of books I can trade in!)
  • Trusted Surveys* (I do surveys at night while watching TV with Mr. Steady.  It's a really easy way to earn)

I have put a star by the methods I have recently used.  Some of these methods are new, so  I'll be learning right along  you. One thing I never do is pay  to earn unless I've already planned on  it.  For instance, I have been planning on joining Netflix.  So, why not do it now while I can earn some Swagbucks, too?

But the easiest way to earn extra SwagBucks is through referrals.
     You win when they win up to 1,000 bucks! I've gotten most of my referrals by posting my "wins" on Facebook.  They make it really easy.  Every time you win you are asked if you want to share it.  Go ahead and share it.  It takes 2 seconds and you'll probably catch some one's interest:)

They also host MegaBucks on Fridays.  You can win more when you search.

     Hope this helps. Please leave any questions you have in the comments and I'll answer them ASAP.

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