Saturday Savings: Swagbucks

I'm going to change the pace a little today.
  Hopefully, by now, you've seen how beneficial using coupons is to your budget from my  posts here, here, and here.  Today, I want to tell you how using Swagbucks can help your budget.

It's as simple as that!  Here is how.......
What are Swagbucks?
     Swagbucks are the rewards you get from using the Swagbucks Toolbar.  You are randomly rewarded for simply searching the Internet with their free toolbar.

How do I get Swagbucks?
Join Swagbucks here.  It's free.  Download the Toolbar and use it.  I don't use bookmarks anymore.  I type in everything I search for.  This way I have a better chance of winning.  It's not really any more trouble because my computer saves my searches.  So after a few letters the whole word pops up and I can just click on that if I don't feel like typing:)

How do I get free stuff?
     You can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards.  My favorite gift card is the $5 Amazon gift card  for 450 bucks. Look at all the things I have gotten from Amazon for free lately......

These only used up $7 of my gift cards because they were on sale and I was able to stack two 20% off coupons from Baby Talk magazines!  Wow, huh?!? (Keep your eyes peeled for free subscription offers for these mags online)

This was actually $13 because I had used most of my gift card credit with the above items. I was only able to pay for half of it with my swag gift cards.   But, still that is only $13 for a brand new Razor shipped!

 So watcha waitin' for? You can't beat FREE! 

Coming Soon:
   How to win more SwagBucks               
   How to find the best deals on Amazon
   How to get free shipping on Amazon


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