Thrifty Thursday: Making dryer sheets last twice as long.

       Okay, so this week's idea came out of a bit of desperation.  You see, I got some Gain Fabric Softener sheets for $.12 a couple of weeks ago at  Walmart. I know, awesome deal, right?
There was a $3.00 off any Gain product in the Smart Source insert.  I went out and bought one paper to make sure I got at least one box at that awesome price.
    Then, I figured I would come across a few more in my dumpster diving.  Yes, I dive the local recyle bins for coupon inserts:)  The problem is I have not seen hide nor hare of another Gain coupon!
   And, after trying these sheets Gain has become one of my  favorite fabric softeners. (check out my other favorite, Purex Complete Crystals, here) So, as  I was kicking myself for not buying every paper on the rack that day......I had a light bulb moment. 

       I could make that $.12 box last twice as long if I used an old trick I learned back when I was a new mommy.  Did anyone else ever cut their baby wipes in half?  I did.  Hmmm.....could this work for dryer sheets as well?

   Guess what? It does!  The laundry still comes out soft and smelling great.  And I get to keep my little box a little longer:)
Pretty Thrifty!
And, can y'all do me a favor? If  this little trick has been done before we  don't have  burst my bubble.  Just let me keep thinking I invented the wheel;)

Have a blessed day!


cooperkelly4 said...

no bubble bursting here, we do this, but it was cause the one we bought were just too strong and we discovered the same thing. =0)

Joyce said...

LOL! Great minds think alike:)

I'm guessing it does have a lot to do with the brand you use. If half a sheet will get the job done,I mean.