Freezer Friday: Meatballs

     We love "noodles and sauce" in my house.  (that's spaghetti in baby speak around here)  The Grits and I can't get enough of it. Mr. Steady can take it or leave.....can't even imagine.   I honestly think Italians just need more sauce (gravy if you are a true Italian) than other people. We eat it at least once a week, but would really be happy to eat it almost every day!

      And the best way to eat it, of course, is with meatballs.  My freezer has not been stocked with these for waaaay too long!

Sporty Grit and I rolled about 150 of these babies! Woo hoo...meatballs for a month!

     But, here's the weird thing. I can never seem to keep up with a meatball recipe.
I never follow them exactly. I just go with whatever ingredients I have on hand and use the recipe more as a guideline. Maybe that's why I don't pay attention to where they end up. If I ever find one that is an absolute keeper I'll be sure to share.

This was another simple week, but remember my motto is ...
Do What You Can When You Can!
What's in your freezer? Leave a comment!  I'd love to know!


rj7777 said...

I love meatballs too! I am 1/8 Italian. My Grandma was the meatball queen. Yum! Rita

Amy said...

I am so excited to see this post series! I am planning to start doing some freezer cooking days and am looking for what to make! Thank you!

Joyce said...

Rita~I am 3/4 Italian. My grandparents on my mom's side were "right off the boat" from Italy. But, my Italian family did not raise me and my Italian cooking shows it. (I was adopted) My brother, who was raised by them, is a fantastic cook and I know it probably drives hims crazy that I use a recipe for something simple like meatballs! lol

Amy~So glad you are liking these posts. I'm going to try get an index of freezer recipes or good places to find them going soon.