Freezer Friday: Taco Meat

Are you a die hard, plan for a week, shop for a day, and cook until you drop freezer cooker? Then these posts are not for you.
This is my Freezer Cooking Motto: 
Do What You Can When You Can!

This week is an easy one.  So simple to turn this.....

into this....
...on the night I was already cooking tacos for dinner. I know it's only one bag, but it will mean one more night of tacos without the mess!  And, probably, taco soup a few days later. You don't have to have hours at a time to be a Made-from-Scratch Mom in an On-the-Go world!

What's in your freezer? I would love to know!
Any great freezer recipes I'd love to try? 
Leave me a comment! I would love to read all about it!

Have a Blessed Day,

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