Freezer Friday:

We've been so busy the past two weeks. I just haven't had time to do any freezer cooking.  I thought I'd share some pics of the grits dying eggs at a friend's house yesterday.

Our neighbor's daughter working so sweetly!

Baby Grit wanted to eat first.

And she had to check it out before she gave it a try.

But, once she started there was no stopping her.

I gave her the yellow dye and she was dying them one after another.

Just drop and go, drop and go! When she finished all the white ones she wanted to dye them all again!

She is worried about a little dye at first, but by the end her hands were totally green. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture!

Pretty eggs!

  Such a big thanks to my neighbor for putting this fun time together!

What are you doing for Easter this weekend?
I'd love to know!

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