Freezer Friday:Tips for Fruits and Vegetables

Do what you can when you can...    
  And around here, the what you can when you can has just not been happening. Another week has gone by without any freezer cooking. The pretty weather has made it impossible to pass up family walks to the park. The yard work has been calling.  And, lucky for me, this is the time of the year Mr. Steady cranks up the grill and I do a lot less cooking.
         One thing I would like to stock my freezer with this summer is all of the yummy fruits and vegetables we find in season and on sale right now.  I have found a few great articles on the subject. Take a look and maybe together we can enjoy the spoils of summer all winter long.

     This article starts out with the scientific side of what is happening to the fruits and veggies when you freeze them, but ends with some good practical advice.
     This is a great chart with instructions for freezing a variety of different fruits. It even has pineapple listed. Hmmm..never thought of freezing pineapple.  May have to give it a try!
    This one is printable and has another great chart for freezing different fruits. If you have a binder notebook you put recipes or cooking tips in, you can print this one out and add it to your binder.        
          My plan is to take one fruit or vegetable a week. I'd love for you to join me and see what we can learn about freezing fruits and veggies together. As always, if you have a great tip, recipe or just something you want to share please, please feel free to leave it in the comments! 
Have a Blessed Day!


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