The Game of Marbles Unit Study and Lapbook

 Sue over at Marble Ma'am's Medley was great enough to send us all sorts of information along with the marble set we reviewed.  We have had a great time turning it into a Mini Unit Study on Marbles!

  • We studied  the history of the marbles. We used the booklet that came in our Shootin' Marbles Set.
  • We also checked these books out from the library:
       Marbles: a Player's Guide 
by Shar Levine
       Marbles 101 Ways to Play 
by Joanna Cole

  •  I found Simple Science Experiments with Marbles by Eiji Orii at the library.  We studied force, and momentum with a few simple experiments out of this book.  What a neat way to introduce a few concepts of Physics!
  • We also studied how marbles are made. I didn't go into the science concepts here, but you certainly could. 

Language Arts:
  •  I made a word search using the nicknames of marbles with the Discovery Education's Puzzle Maker.   This is a pretty neat little online gadget.  All I did was plug in a title,the size of the puzzle,  and  the words I wanted.  Then I hit create my puzzle. PRESTO!  My completely original word search was ready in seconds!
  • I also  had my 3rd grader write a short story using some of the nicknames as the names of characters.
  • Of course, we learned how to shoot marbles from the wonderful instructions in our handbook.  We also tried a few of the 22 games listed.  We have not had time to try them all, but will eventually.  Who knows....maybe we'll be traveling to Wildwood, N.J.for the National Marble Tournament one day!

We also put together this fun  Marble Game  Lapbook!

It is not complete,yet. But, you can get an idea of what we are doing.
 This is my first original lapbook. I used the free lapbook templetes from Homeschool Share.  I just chose a few I thought would work with the information we had learned.  After I printed them, we added the information and pictures.  I just googled the images of the marbles we used as cover pages. I just printed them out and then we cut and paste them. I  hand wrote the titles and questions.  (I'm a little red in the face to admit I don't know how to transfer the images to the templates or add the titles on the templates with the computer. ) 
These are some great pictures Sue sent us!  This is the equipment used to make the marbles.  There is one picture for each step.  I have these in a simple 4x6 pocket in the lapbook. 

I wanted to show you all this poster, too.  This is a poster Sue drew of the marble making process! It is too big to fit in the lapbook, but it really helped to explain the process.

     We just added these activities to our regular studies, so I kept it pretty simple. I think we really could have run with this topic, though.  There is a lot more to the game of marbles than I realized.

  Need a marble set of your own? 
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