I have to share this....

     Sometimes the wisdom that comes out of my 9 year old blows me away! We are at the age where clothes are becoming a big deal.  Dancing Grit works pretty hard every morning to pick a "cute" outfit out to wear.  Even if the only people to see it are the 6 of us. 

     Along with this new found interest in clothes has come a new frustration when she can't make an outfit work.  I hear more then I thought I would this early in the game, "I don't have anything to wear."  Really....I thought I had until at least 13 before I would start hearing these words. 
     This morning the frustration was followed by an inappropriate melt down. So, she was sent to my room to sit on my bed and calm down.  ( funny how we just change the way we say, "Go to time out.")
      After a few minutes I went in there to talk to her.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find her calmly sitting on my bed which she had made up for me!  I thanked her  and she said simply, "I figured I would do something nice because two mads don't make a happy." How is that for wisdom?
Have a blessed day! And the next time you want to get mad at someone because they are mad at you, remember....
"Two mads don't make a happy!"

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