Does your toddler drink their way through life?

The other day I was chatting with a mommy friend and she commented on how  her daughter did not eat well because she drank milk all day.  I could definitely relate.  My oldest was a milk guzzler.  I knew she needed to drink less and eat more.  I just didn't know how to get her to do it. When she was not quite 4, this is what I tried...

  • I filled 4 sippy cups with milk. I put them all in the fridge. 
  • I showed her the cups. I explained that she could drink them whenever she wanted, but once they were gone that was it.  There would be no more for the day. (I did save one for before bed in the beginning. Just until she understood there really would be no more once the cups were gone)
  • I stuck to my guns.

And you know what? It worked.
I am not an expert.  I am just sharing what worked for us at the time.

   Have a Blessed Day!

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