Freezer Cooking on the Fly Friday

     How do you say "break time" for a tired homeschooling mom?
Vacation Bible School!  3 cheers for VBS!!!  The grits have been at the most wonderful VBS at the church down the road.  I usually help out, but this year decided to use it as a much needed break.
     For  3 1/2  hours 4 days this week the baby and I have been on our own! It is amazing how much you can get done when you go from 4 children down to 1!
     While Baby grit has been playing or watching The Wonder Pets (yes, I will be brave enough to admit that I use TV as a babysitter), I have been working on a project I hope to share with you next week.
   As a result, nothing made it into my freezer this week.  So, I thought I'd look around the blogoshpere and see what other freezer cookers are doing. I found a few really cool looking recipes and an article with some good tips. 

Freezer Friendz- this website has a ton of yummy sounding freezer recipes!

Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos at
(I am always trying to find way to get my family to eat sweet potatoes-these just sound too neat to not try. The recipe does not have freezer instructions, but these should freeze nicely like any other burrito recipe where you freeze them before you bake them.)

Freezer Cooking: What Can You Freeze from Life as Mom

The Best Do-Ahead Breakfast Foods from Simple Bites

Cajun Chicken Strips (to use in Cajun Chicken Wraps) from Frugal and Focused
  (I can't wait to try these! I love meal starters, so this one is right up my alley.)

What to do with 10 Pounds of Potatoes? from  Tight Wad I Utah's guest post at The Coupon Project (one day I'm going to do this with that 10 pound bag instead of baking our spuds in the micro for 2 weeks straight)

Making My Own Instant Oatmeal from Life As Mom
(I had to share this one even though it is not freezer cooking.  This is a great idea when we can't get a good deal on the boxed kind or buy 6 canisters of Quaker Oats  on sale with coupons and then decide to go on a diet*  and NOT make the oatmeal cookies it was intended for. Yep, that's what I did:)
Happy Reading!

*On a side note...yes, I am on a d-i-e-t. I hate that word...but if I don't say it I won't actually stick to it. If I tell people I am "cutting back" or "trying to eat healthier" there is just too much wiggle room for me. If I tell people I am on a diet, then I know I have to really act like I'm on a diet. (It's such a mind game with me.) On the bright side it means  I will be focusing on finding diet friendly recipes to share. Or at least ones without cream cheese or tons of sugar.

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