Super Simple Summer Recipe: Olive Pasta Salad

My good blogging buddy Brandi over at Living Sola Gratia has started a new link up for your best Super Simple Summer Recipes.  Here is the simplest thing I make in the summer....

Olive Pasta Salad
  • Can of black olives (can buy the whole and chop or be lazy like me and just buy the already chopped)
  • Mayo
  • 16 oz Box of Pasta (I use elbow macaroni, but you could use twists, bow-ties, or whatever you fancy)

     Cook pasta according to directions.  Add mayo to taste. I just put enough to get the pasta moist. Add olives. Stir. 
See.Super Simple. So simple I'm almost embarrassed to post it. Almost. But, it's surprisingly tasty and my grits love it!
       Brandi is desperate for some recipes that beat the heat. So stop by Living Sola Gratia, link up and help her out.

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