Curriculum for 2011-2012

   My good blogging buddy Brandi (say that 10x times fast!) has a linky going for this year's curriculum line ups.  I thought it would be fun to share and then link up. I am streamlining our curriculum and we will be working together on a lot of things.  I just couldn't pull off 3 different curriculum last year. 
Here's the know how I loooove a plan:)

 All together now....
  We will be doing My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures together.  It is set up for 2nd-6th grade.  Goofy Grit is only in 1st, but I'm just going to let her tag along and get what she can out of it.  I plan on adding age appropriate activities for her that correspond to each topic where I can.

Here is what we will cover:
Bible: The theme is missionary work.
History/ Geography: We will study maps and World Geography.  We will study  around 30 different countries.
Science: We will study habitats and animals.
Art: We will work through a book called Global Art* with ECC.  I have yet to do any of the art recommended by MFW.  Intentions are good, but time seems to run out.  This one looks less artistic and more crafty which is much more  my speed.  I am thinking we will get through it this year.
That being said, I plan on finally working through the Drawing with Children* lessons from the MFW 1st Grade curriculum.   It is only about 12 lessons.  The grits love to draw and I would love to give them these techniques early.  I  want them to keep building on their ability and  have the  confidence to draw. Unlike their mom, who is terrified to pick up a pencil or paintbrush.( Probably why I have put this book off.)
                    Wee Sing Around the World will be easy and a lot of fun.We do a lot of listening in the car.
                   Tchaikovsky- I plan on doing a unit study with this at Christmas. It is from the MFW Adventures curriculum.  I had the wrong CD last year and ended up just putting it down. I finally ordered the correct CD.  Two of my grits have taken ballet for years now, so I think this unit study will be a big hit.

             Cursive First- I plan on using this with all three grits.  Dancing Grit has been teaching herself cursive this year using A Reason for Writing*, which is a great program as well.  But, I like the idea of teaching the littles cursive early and it won't hurt her to tag along and get a little extra instruction.  This was recommended by a friend and I think it will be a good fit.  I can use one teaching book for all three. The practice sheets are reproducible and they write everything else on loose paper.  MFW has a handwriting review scheduled for this year, so this will fit in perfect.

Extra Curricular they will all be doing:  I am a little afraid this is too much, but they are begging to be out of the house more and with their friends more.  We'll see how it goes.
                               A.S.K.-This is the afterschool version Community Bible Study.  It meets once a week for an hour and a half.    They have three daily lessons to be done during the week.  They love it because they have a praise and worship time and they get to see public school friends.  I love it for those reasons and the fact that it gives me an hour and a half to myself:)
                           Awana: This is new for us.  The church we are visiting at offers this on Wed. nights.  My grits love being there and want to do anything they can to spend more time with the friends they have made. This looks like a very cool program.
                           Dance Co-op- A homeschool mom friend of mine has found a college student willing to teach our girls dance for 2 hours once a week for a fraction of what it would cost to take it at a studio.  The focus will be on praise and worship and having fun.  It will be very informal. But, should be a good time for the grits.
                           Acrobatics- All three grits will be taking an hour of acrobatics every week at a local home school co-op.

The rest of the story....

Dancing Grit: 4th Grade
Language Arts: 
                              Intermediate Language Lessons
                              Writing Strands Level 3
                              Math U See- We have used this since the start of our homeschooling and so far so good.  She is about halfway through the Gamma book.  We love this program.  I love  the instructional DVDs.  We watch a new lesson taught by the creator of the program for each unit.  It thrills me to not have to teach the concepts initially. Math is not my strength.  I only have to understand what and how it is taught so I can help with any questions or problems.  I loooooove that.  She loves it because she gets what he teaches pretty effortlessly. His presentation is done in a way that makes it simple for the students to understand.

                  The grits received keyboards for Christmas last year.  I have been anxiously waiting for God to open a door for them to take lessons.  He has provided a way through a mom who will be teaching piano out of her home. Because she is not certified she is giving a discounted rate. After playing all of her life and teaching her own 4 girls, I am sure her qualifications are right up there with the best of them. 

Sporty Grit: 2nd Grade
Language Arts: 
                        Click N Read- This a computer based phonics program that came recommended by a friend.  The lessons are about 10-15 minutes long. She can work independantly to get in more phonics and spelling practice.  What I really like about this  program is that it keeps track of her mistakes and gives a report after each lesson.  This way I can  see where she needs help even though I am not doing the lessons with her. 
                              All About Spelling*- This program has also come recommended by a friend. After looking at it online I really like it. It  encompass phonics and spelling in one program. The approach is different then any I have seen. They will learn all sounds for each phonogram first. Then they will build words with letter tiles, which will be great for my kinesthetic learner.  Sporty is a hands on learner and she is struggling a bit with her reading.  I am praying this is the curriculum that makes it all come together for her.  I think she will love using the tiles and the way everything is color coded. 

                             Math U See- She is about a quarter of the way through the Alpha book.  This program seems to be working for both of my older grits.  Which a testimony for it's flexibility becasue they have such different learning styles.

Goofy Grit: 1st Grade
Language Arts: 
                            All About Spelling- She is not far behind her older sister.  I plan on working this program with both of them and just letting them progress at their own pace. Not sure how it will work out, but think it's worth a try.
                              Funnix: She will also be finishing up this  computer program she started last year. I was able to snag this program for free during a promotion they were having. I love that is is done by the authors of  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons*. She has done well with this so far. She likes the computer and there are also worksheets for each lesson.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not keep up with her progress.
                            Math U See- She will start the Primer this year. 

 Baby Grit: Preschool
Preschool is really so simple.  Just talk about colors and numbers and letters.  And, of course read to them. I would love to plan a whole bunch of things for her. The reality is I probaly wouldn't do them  because I am doing so much with the others.   I have  the MFW Preschool kit for her.  I like the idea of her having a box full of things she can work on quietly.  The Lauri toys look wonderful. I would like to get her sisters in on schooling with her, too.  They can really teach her everything she needs at this age.

This looks like a lot now that it is down on paper, but I am optimistic.  I am hoping that working together on so many things will enable us to get so much done.  We shall see...

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Brandi said...

Looks like a good plan chickie! Hope you all enjoy the year!

Daphna said...

Joyce, you leave me overjoyed that I only have to plan for one child hahahah. I am sure you will have a wonderful year!