Back from the Beach

We got in about 3:30 yesterday with 4 garbage bags of laundry, lots of seashells and we even brought a little of the beach home with us.  I got busy putting things away while Mr. Steady unloaded the car.  I figured I better start the laundry right away or I'd never get it done.  Then it was a quick bite and off to AWANA for the grits. I came back and kept on with the laundry.  Ordered in pizza, checked a few emails while they all played a card game and then off to bed! Phew!  This is one pooped Mama!

Of course, life will not slow down.  Today is Baby Grit's 3rd birthday. So, we will be working on a small family party for her while trying to finish the laundry and wrap up our week of MFW with a Mexican Fiesta.  The plan is to have a Mexican Fiesta Dinner/Diego Birthday Party.  We'll see if I can pull it off:)
Have A Blessed Day!

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