Daily Recap: How Do You Prepare To Go Out Of Town?

     Most people pack, right?  Not me...I clean out closets first.  Seriously.  We are a day from heading out and I was clearing out my closet floor. Quite a few bags and boxes had piled up and they were driving me crazy. Next I tackled  the front closet.  I really have issues. 
     Then, it was finally time to... Nope.  No packing yet.   Then it was time to put up Fall decorations. Yep.   It makes perfect sense. We won't be here, but our decorations will be up.

The Mantle   

  I  finally got  on to packing. Sort of.

This is all the swim/beach paraphernalia  piled up along with a few food items I plan on bringing. I don't know if this actually counts as packing.  It may just be considered gathering. At least it's a start. 
  I did get a menu plan and grocery list ready.  We will have a fully stocked kitchen in our cottage.  With a Publix just a mile down the road, I will be able to use my coupons to save us lots of money on food.   Woohoo!
 Hopefully I will be able to focus tomorrow so we can leave on time. 
Have a Blessed Night!

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