Daily Recap: October 7th

     I started this Daily Recap thinking it would be fun to hop on here every night and just share any random thoughts I have about my day.  But, Daily would mean you are to do it every day.  So sorry.  I have had a few bad days around here. I started Wednesday off with a bad attitude due to lack of sleep and the day just spiraled downward from there.  We just couldn't seem to get through school, everyone was cranky and Mommy was just downright grouchy.  Thursday was just an extension of Wednesday.  So, we won't even go there.  
     I am dog tired right now and am ready to hit the hay.  But, first I wanted to share this Guest Post at Musings of a Stay at Home Mom.  Melanie from Only a Breath  shares how our little ones are mirrors of ourselves. If we don't like what we see we have to take a good look at what we are giving them to mimic.   I know this and yet I still find myself exhibiting behavior I tell my grits is not acceptable.

Here is the line that sums it all up for me....

 "I don’t want to take one second with them for granted, and pray that God will help me treat each one in my family like the treasure they are."

     There are too many days I take my sweet family for granted and,  unfortunately, they see the worst of Mommy.  When I go to them and apologize for being impatient or losing my temper, they are always quick to wrap their little arms around me and tell me I'm the best Mommy in the whole world.  I tell them I may not be the best Mommy in the whole world, but I am the Mommy who loves them the most!

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