Daily Recap: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    Today was spent running around shopping for last minute clearanced summer items for out trip to the beach next week!!
     That's right. We are spending 3 days and 2 nights at the beach!  We are very excited.  You see...we live about 3 hours from the Gulf of Mexico. But only one of the grits has ever been to the beach. And she was only 1 at the time. (She is now 9) So this is a big deal around here.  God has blessed us this year with the financial resources and a great deal on a cottage with 2 bedrooms.
      Mr Steady was able to get the time off and we are on our way.  In a few days.  
      In the meantime, me and that Sporty Grit went in search of a cheap bathing suit we both liked that was not worn in the bottom.  (like all of her hand-me-downs)  Poor thing was wearing one that was dry rotted to Six Flags.  That explains why she had to hold the bottoms up when she took off her shorts.  Really, I should notice these things.   Anyhow, we never found a bathing suit.  But, I came across some cover-ups, some cute shoes, t-shirts, and some great accessories.  Ugh.  shopping for 4 girls and 1 woman really adds up.  I only shop the clearance racks and apply coupons where I can, but I still end up spending more money then I would like. 
     What I really want/need is a way to keep inventory of what they have and what they need.  We take all and any hand-me-downs offered.  So, whenever we needed something I used to be  able to run to shed and find something that would work.  But, modge-podging it together isn't working as well now that they are older and care about what they are wearing.  Now they want to be "cute" and "stylish" and all that good stuff.  They were always cute, but not so much on the cutting edge of fashion. Thankfully, as homeschoolers they really have not been introduced to the whole "brand" thing. Phew! I am thankful to avoid that battle for as long as I can.  
      So, any great tips on how to keep an inventory of the clothes of 4 growing girls?!?  I would love to hear them! Leave a comment with any advice you have and I will be eternally grateful:)

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