A Doll's Night Out Birthday Party

We have 4 out of 6 birthdays within 2 weeks of each other in the JCAH house.  I call it our "birthday season."  It gets more then a little tricky trying to orchestrate all of those celebrations and remain sane.  Okay.  Who am I kidding? I am as crazy as they get. I try to keep it as simple as possible,though.  It really is possible to have a very simple party and the kids to still have a great time.

She wanted a sleepover and to incorporate her new AG Doll.  I wanted to keep it simple.   So we settled on "A Dolly Pizza Party and Movie Night" sleepover.  Okay, that doesn't sound simple.  But, it really was.
Here are the cute invitations we came up with. 

 I printed the template for the box from Karen's Cookies. Then I cut out the rest from card stock I had on hand. I let Sporty Grit put them together and then she delivered the pizzas door to door.
    The night of the party we went really simple on decorations.
    I had all of this in the shed, including the paper chain I recently reviewed.

    I printed out some more of the pizza boxes and let the girls put them together for their dolls as they arrived.

      Some girls wore their PJ's over.  Some changed as soon as they got here.

    And the birthday cake.....

    Ice Cream.  Now that was easy. 

    She loves anything Key Lime.  She saw Key Lime frozen yogurt at Publix and had to have it. I bought some vanilla, too. Just in case her friends did not share her love for all things Key Lime.

    We planned An American Doll movie and that was that.  They played dolls and had a few pillow fights.  I think everyone had a good time and got absolutely no sleep.

    Their goodie bags had a few candy treat in them and these adorable pizza slices I ordered from Pippaloo.

    I did a review for Pippaloo last Christmas.  It is now my go to place for American Doll food.

    So simple. So fun.

    Have A Blessed Day!

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