How is Home-school going?

Home-school is going great.  We have worked out the kinks.  (Yes, even in your 5th year there are kinks.)  It is one of the reasons I have not been on here much, lately. 

With 4 in school....I may as well count the baby.  She is 3 and will not be left out.  I spend from about 8 am to 3 pm schooling.  I take care of housework and cooking when I first get up and during the day when I can.  If I am lucky enough for it to be a day we are home in the afternoon, it's all I can do to get dinner ready, grits in bed and check a few emails and keep up with couponing.  Couponing is a full time job in itself. I keep telling Mr. Steady I am working about 3 full time jobs.  He just nods his head:) 

Life is busy, but it is good.  
Hope you are all having a wonderful home-school/school year.  I would love for you to leave a comment telling me how it's going for you.

Have A Blessed Day,

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