Daddy Daughter Birthday and An-All Amercian Cook Out

 The next birthday celebration comes very quickly.  Sporty Grit was born on her Daddy's birthday. So, they celebrate on the actual day together every year.

We also happened to be finishing up our study of the US for My Father's World ECC.  So we made our All-American Cookout their birthday dinner. 

Hamburgers, Hot dogs, and we always throw in some Smoked Sausage.


I wimped out and bought the Potato Salad. 

You gotta have  pickles! I keep a variety in the house during the summer "grilling" months. So we had all of this on hand.
Can't  forget the condiments and the toppings.

 And you have to have coke. It's all coke down here in the South. Even if it's Root Beer:)

And last, but certainly not least....the chips.  No All-American Cook Out is complete without them!
It was another happy celebration.  And I was thrilled to be able to incorporate school.  Nothing like killing two birds with one stone when you are a busy homeschoolin' mama!

Have A Blessed Day!

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