Go, Deigo, Go! 3rd Birthday for Baby Grit

We usually just do our family when they are babies.  By the time you add in sisters around here we are a party all by ourselves:)   Baby Grit loves animals. The Dollar Store had some Wild Animal Safari party things that were perfect for my budding zoologist.  We realized we were finishing up our unit on Mexico and decided to make it a Diego- Mexican Fiesta.  Again...killing two birds with one stone.  Works for me. 

MFW  gave us instructions on how to make Tissue Paper Flowers for our Fiesta.  These were super easy to make and really pretty when they were done.

Then, it was on to homemade tortillas.

Not bad for our first try...I guess:)  They were kind of heavy, but we still served them with dinner.

The grits could not wait to dig into the chips and dip.  We also had tacos, beans and all the fixin's. Tacos are pretty regular around here so it was easy to throw together.

Then, it was time to celebrate...
The Birthday Table

 Diego was a little harder to add to the mix.  I went to three stores hoping to find some cupcake picks.  No luck.  All I could find were some stickers.  So, I improvised.  I stuck them on card stock, cut them out and taped them on toothpicks. Walla...Go, Diego Go!

Three birthdays down...one to go....
Have a Blessed Day!

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