I Scream...You scream...We all scream for

THE LAST PARTY!!!  And this is the one I was asked to go all out for.  So, I went as all out as I go.  It still doesn't hold a candle to some of my friends shin digs...but my Dancing Grit was happy. And that's what counts:)

We decided on a Build-Your-Own Sundae party.

She did most of the work for herself. 

Dancing Grit and her good friend Lainie decorated the sign.  Didn't they do great!

It is so hard to get a good picture of this room because of all the sunlight from the door.
I just cut out circles and hand wrote these.  I don't know how to make the fancy computer printables. And...we really should have painted the underside of the cabinets, huh?

I know you can really see this. The window issue again.  But, this was a labor of love. I really wanted to make her a homemade birthday banner. It took a few tries to get it right.  But, I think it came out cute.
These were the party favors.  They made a cute addition to the decorations!

I did this with my handy dandy cake decorator...I love that thing!

 There were some really great looking Sundaes made. 

This one was so classic.  Pineapple, cherries and whip cream!

Look at this loaded baby!  Kids really know how to do sugar right!
And, of course, we had a spill. No problem. There was plenty more in the house. 
This was really an easy and fun birthday theme.
Look at that sweet smile. She is such a great kid.  They all are.  I am one proud Mama!

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