10 Goals for the Week

Last week's goals...

Family/Mothering Goals
1. Bake Christmas cookies with the grits (I ended up doing this with Mr. Steady)
2. Spend some time talking with each one of them.  (think I did this:)
3. Keep working on looking at them when they are talking to me. (I have definitely done better with this.)

Personal Goals
1. Walk 1 mile and jog 1 mile 5 days this week. ( I only did this 2 days. I have been sick with a bad head cold, so walking/jogging was just impossible)
2. Keep working on getting to bed by 10 pm. (Just can't seem to stick with it)

Home Management Goals
1. Keep up habit of Menu planning and goal setting
2. Few Christmas photo gifts left to make
3. Stay on schedule with cleaning even though it's the week before Christmas

Ministry Goals
1. Minister to my neighbors where the Holy Spirit leads this Christmas. (We passed out cookies on Christmas Eve)

Home School Goals 
1. Get in the habit of reading to the grits every night   (I just can't seem to get this going)
2. Take a break and enjoy a week off!!

This week's goals...

1. Take the grits to the zoo
2. Play Battleship with Sporty Grit

Personal Goals
1. Read Fierce Beauty
2. Bed by 10 pm 5 out of 7 days
3.Walk 1 mile/ Jog 1 mile 3 days this week

Home Management
1. Find a home for all the Christmas gifts
2. Make returns/exchanges
3. Make budget goals and project goals for the upcoming year

Ministry Goals
1. Send out email about starting a prayer group/bible study group at my house

Homeschool Goals
1. Plan our "Snowflake Celebration"
2. Map out the next unit in MFW


Chasity said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Between you posting this and Money Saving Mom, I am officailly convicted (In a good way) to get this going. I have idea/goals floating around in my head ALL the time. However, I know if I do not write them down I will never get them done. Some things I just automatically do because they were once goals that I worked on. So I must for 2012 get into gear again!! We are still with family until New Years, but I will be working on setting goals.
Also as far as reading each night to the girls....I made this a flaot around in my head goal for a few years before actually doing it, so I understand!! What worked for us....I added it to school. I always wanted to read alouds and thought bedtime was perfect...it NEVER happened. I tried when I lived in a house and when I first was in the RV. So this school year I decided if I did not schedule it in "school" I would not do it. So, I lisited books I wanted to do for the year. Broke them down into reading a chapter a day...plugged them into Homeschool Tracker (that is what I use for lesson plans) and scheduled them. We read it as a group at the beginning of our school day or at the end. 1 chapter a day is real doable. It has truly become our FAVORITE part of everyday. I think I only scheduled them for 4 days a week. We have been doing it a whole semester. We usually read more now as the kids gets into the books. We always read 5 days a week (so extra). Last night we were in Barnes and Noble and my little boy brought me 2 books he would like to add to the list to read. (He was the one that liked read alouds the least at first) Score!!! I set only a few books at first wondering if I would fit it in....and we did and kept doing it....so goal setting works, haha. I needed that reminder.

Joyce said...

So nice to heat that I inspired someone:)

I have tried read alouds at all times of the day. At night...first thing...during school. I think the hold up is the 3 year old that won't be quiet while I read...lol.

Maybe it's the books, too. Some from MFW are great and some are just hard to get through. Maybe I need just weed through them and pick what I think we will enjoy.

Have a great day!