12 Days of Christmas Homeschool Freebies - Day 12

Free Printable Cards for a Nativity Scene Scavenger Hunt

I bought this a few years ago now and kept forgetting to open it.  I thought it was an advent calendar.  I kept thinking we were too late to start it and would put it up for the next year.  I did that a few years in a row, until I finally read the box this year. 

Amazing what you will learn if you just read! This little set is an interactive kid-friendly Nativity set. You hide the little boxes with the manger scene pieces all over the house and then use these printable cards to give them clues to find them.  I think you could do this with any plastic, wood, or non-breakable Nativity you had on hand.  Just wrap matching pieces up and hide them. I think you will have to put a mirror in the last one. 

I think this will make a fun new tradition that will focus on the birth of our Lord!
Have a Blessed Day!

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