Field Trip: Zoo Atanta

I guess we officially started back to school yesterday. We took a filed trip to Zoo Atlanta.  How cool to start back school with a field trip and then go right into the weekend?
I don't think my kiddos know how good they have it as homeschoolers.  I made sure to point it out to them:)

It was the perfect time to take this trip.  Our science this year is the study of the different animals and their habitats as we move around the globe in ECC. 

 I ended up having to go by myself. (Mr. Steady had to work)  I was a little worried about being there on my own with all 4 grits, but everything went great.  The zoo is very family friendly.  It was small enough that I did not feel overwhelmed and big enough that we had plenty to see and do.  

We left the house at 7:30 am and arrived at the zoo a little after 9:00 am.  I had a little trouble finding it using the directions off their website.  Thank goodness for GPS systems!   I plugged it in and it took us right there.  Parking is free and right in front of the zoo. Couldn't have been simpler!

I was glad  that we arrived early. We were able to see all of Africa without any crowd.  As the day progressed the zoo became busier, but we managed to sidestep most of the crowd all day.

Some highlights...
  • Baby Grit loved holding  the map. Once she saw the Tigers (which were actually lions in the pic) that is all she wanted to see.  
  • Dancing Grit and Sporty Grit  fought over  shared the other map.  Dancing Grit was making sure we did not miss any exhibit. She wished we had a pen so she could mark them off as we went. Wonder where she could get that from? Sporty Grit just wanted to tell us where to go.  It was really cool seeing them put their map reading skills to work. 
  • Dancing Grit read all the little info signs.  Actually,  all the grits were very interested in whatever they could learn about each animal.  They also noted which animals we had already studied. to a homeschool moms heart! 
  • The Elephant activity show was really cute.  They gave  her a bath and then she did some tricks for us.  
  • The Otter activity was good.  Baby Grit wanted to "go in there and scratch them."  I am telling you...this kid is going to work in a zoo or with animals somehow.
  • The Gorilla Feeding was good.  There were some funny babies and mommas. One baby would not let go of the momma's leg.  The other momma would not let her baby go anywhere.  She held it's foot every time it tried.  We even saw her shake her head "no" at it. 
 Some pictures...


Chasity said...

awww so sweet!! The girls are getting so big. We went to that zoo a few years ago....loved it. Dancing grit sounds just like my M...she would want a pen to make the map as well, ha.

Joyce said...

Must be a first born thing:)

Chasity said...

Must be....I remembered after I comment of M at Disney. SHe had made a list of must do's and marked up the map really well, hahahha. I am a first born too, ha.