I have been so inspired by the Thrift Store posts I am reading latley...

These gals are spending $10 per child on Christmas and $5 or less on dresses for themselves! If that is not enough to make you dig through a few racks, I don't know what is! Wanna see what I found???

But, first a little history...
Two years ago I prayed for God to change my spending habits and help me be a better steward of our money.  He answered me by revealing the world of couponing and challenging me to use it to stretch our finances more then I ever thought was possible.  I was able to treat my family to things we had not been able to afford in years.  I am such a gift giver, so it was a huge blessing for me to get to do this without going into debt!

Then last year He challenged me to just buy less.  And with His grace I have been able to do it!

This year He is challenging me to buy even less stuff and spend way less on what I do buy...especially gifts.  This is a hard one for me.  I am a gift giver. No way around it.  When I see something on sale that I know someone in my life will love, I want to bless them with it.  In return,  I get the bigger blessing if I can tell they really like it. Of course, I have prayed and asked God to help me with this.  I can feel Him challenging me to use second hand stores and almost free deals.  I am challenged to see how thrifty I can be while still providing for my family and continuing to give where God leads me.
I have decided to start hitting the Thrift Stores once a week and see what I can come up with.
Now onto the finds...

 Please excuse my pictures.  They were taken in my shed:)

Price- $5.55
Details- This looks like a Target or Wal-mart  end table which retails for around $10-$12. So I got it for about half off!
Plan- This table is going to fit perfectly in Baby Grit's new Preschool Corner. (details to come soon) I almost bought a $60 train table from Wal-mart.  So, glad I didn't!  Once I throw a couple of Dollar Store plastic bins under this, it will do the job perfectly!
Exhilaration Brand Brown Dress
Details:   You can't really see how cute it is in the picture. It has an empire waist with an elastic gather and a bow. It is in perfect shape!
Plan: Oh, girls and their clothes! I have four of them with their own sense of style!  Hopefully this will work for one of them. 

Arizona brand tee
Price: $.49
Details: Looked really hard for a stain, but couldn't find one:)
Plan: This one will go to Goofy Grit.  It's her size and style.

Mini Gold Ball Ornaments
Price: $.25
Details: Looks like these came from Dollar General.  There are a few broken, but for a quarter they were a steal!
Plan: Cupcake ornaments.  I am hoping I will find some mini holders in the after Christmas Clearance.  I'll save it all for next year and be ready to go with a fun craft!

 Set of Votive Candle Holders
Price: $1.51
Details: These are brand new in the box.
Plan: Teacher Gift for Christmas.  This past year I was able to snag a free votive from Yankee Candle.  Maybe I'll luck out again next year.

Student Lap Desk by Lap Gear
Price $3.83
Details: They get $22 for this little thing on Amazon! This one is in almost new condition! I think there is one little scratch and the cushion my be a little flat.  Whichever grit gets this will never know the difference!

Plan: I'll have to come up with 2 more of these or something similar.  I am thinking these may make a cool back to school gift.  I always give them school supplies at the start of the year. Because they are home-schooled and don't get to got buy bright and shiny new supplies every year, I feel like it makes the start of the year more special for them.  I stocked us up on  pens, pencils and that kind of thing this past year by grabbing every freebie deal I could. So, this year I can focus on some other things. Lap desks for all would be prefect.

Crocheted Critter Penguin
Price: $1.01
Details: The package looks pretty rough.  But, I am optimistic he will have all the pieces.  This thrift store gets all of Target's clearance items that don't sell.  This little guy looks like he might be one of those.
Plan: He is for Dancing Grit.  She wants to learn to knit or crochet so badly.  Maybe this will be a fun little project to get her started.

Value Beads
Price: $1.51
Details: I think these are a real value.  At least I hope so.  Seems like every time I price beads at Hobby Lobby they are super expensive.
Plan: I am thinking I can add some elastic and make some little craft kits for the grits for next Christmas.  Maybe a small jelly jar with a homemade sticker on top to hold it all?

I am all done shopping and wrapping for this Christmas.  So, I figured it was a perfect time to start planning for next Christmas.  I think that will be the key in this challenge.  The planning.  A lot of my problem is the fact that I can never remember what I have or what I still need.  I am going to set up a small notebook to keep track of everything.  I will have to discipline myself to actually use it.  But, once I do I will have everything I need right at my finger tips!

Does this sound like a fun challenge? Would love to know if you are a Thrift Store Shopper?
Have A Blessed Day!

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