Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

Menu planning is a huge help in keeping any home running smoothly.  I know the weeks I do it I can definitely tell the difference.  I have been trying to get consistent with a meal plans as part of my Maximize Your Mornings Challenge. I am so excited I have made a menu plan this early in the week!  I just had to post it, even if it is a day late.

Nothing too fancy.  I'll try to post any recipes I have used later in the week. I made my menu around what was in my pantry and freezer. A great way to keep my grocery budget down!

B: on hand (this means cereal, grits, toast and peanut butter, or anything else they can make themselves:)
L: Annie's Mac-n-Cheese  This ended up being leftover chicken noodle soup.
D: Slow Cooker Turkey Supreme (recipe to come)
B: on hand
L: Boiled Eggs
D: Tacos

B: on hand
L: Pizza 
D: Cube Steak, Mash Potatoes and gravy

B: Daddy is off (he loves to cook and will make omelets or something else yummy)
L: Packed lunch of PB & Honey and whatever snacks I come up with at Publix this week.
D: Black-eyed Peas and Cornbread (recipes to come)

B: on hand
L:Tomato Soup
D: Spaghetti and rolls

B: on hand
L: leftovers
D: Red beans and rice (recipe to come)

Brunch:  Hashbrown Casserole, fruit salad
D: Chili at the church before Christmas caroling
After church snack: Cookies and hot chocolate

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