Menu Plan Monday

I'm on a roll.  Woohoo! Last week's menu went so well.  I am so inspired to keep this up!

I think three things made it such a success. 1. I planned my meals out of my pantry, so I did not have a big shopping list. 2. I added to the menu with things on sale, so I was able to keep the budget low. 3. I am living by my slow cooker, which keeps the time spent in the kitchen to a minimum.

You are going to see "leftovers" on here a few times.  I am trying to make sure the fridge is pretty empty for Christmas dinner.

B: On hand
L: Tomato Soup (out of a can:)
D: Leftovers

B: Omelets (Mr. Steady usually cooks on his off day...lucky me:)
L: Annie' Mac-n-Cheese (this is the organic stuff out of a box.  My grits LOVE it.  Really. I say, "Want Annie's for lunch? And they always squeal, "Yay!")
D: The grits will be at their Nana's and hopefully Mr. Steady and I will have time to eat out and see a movie before we have to get him home to bed.  He goes in to work at 3:30 am. is always early to bed. We may just have to eat popcorn for dinner;)

B: Grits will still be at Nana's.  I am sure I will have a working breakfast.
L: Ravioli's (another favorite and they were BOGO last week at W.D.)
D: Lentil Stew and Cornbread

B: Tatar tots (we may be taking a day trip. These will travel well in a paper bag)
L: Picnic: PB&J
                Cutie oranges (If you haven't tried these yet, you should.  They are delicious. And they are so
                                       easy to peel, all of the grits can do it themselves.)
                Combos (free from CVS)
                Snicker doodle cookies
                Town House crackers (BOGO at Publix)
                Juice boxes and water
D: Pizza at home

B: Crescent rolls and jam
L: Spaghetti and rolls
D: Leftovers

B: Pancakes
L: Leftovers
D: Christmas Eve dinner at Nana's. We are having Chili. I am bringing a cherry Pie and whip cream. Not sure what else yet.

Merry Christmas Brunch and Dinner

Have a Blessed Day! 

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