My Goals This Week...

I think I have finally found the goal setting list that I think is going to work for me. I found it at Money Saving Mom.  I love the way she organizes her life! I don't think any one plan works for every person. I think you have to tweak any plan to fit your own needs, but Money Saving Mom's printable plans are a great jumping off point.

Last Weeks Goals...

1. Plan some gift making projects for the grits to complete next week.Planned some and even made a few.
2.Read Some Christmas books to them.  They had a slumber party by the tree and I stayed up and read to them.  It was really sweet.
3. Stop, look and listen when they are talking to me. (sometimes I stay so busy I barely even look at them when they are talking:(   I think I did this well the first few days, but not sure about the end of the week.
4. Mail out Christmas presents to my brother  in N.J.

Personal Goals
  ( was hard to come up with things that were about me)
5. Learn the basic Zumba steps on my new Zumba 2 Fitness game. (got it with a House party)  Oh...exercise it always the first to go around here.
6. Get to bed by 10 pm every night. I think I did this at least 5 out of 7 nights.
Home management Goals:
7. Clean out laundry room
8. See if there are any toys that we can donate or get ready to consign to get ready for new Christmas toys. I didn't find much we are ready to part with.  Must have done really good clearing in the Fall.
9. Price things for consignment, box them up, and take them to Head Start. Still need to take things to Head Start.

Misc. Goals:
10. Write up review and giveaway post for the I Did It Chore Chart.
11. Keep up 12 Days of Christmas Homeschool Freebies
Ministry goals:
12. Start planning to open my house for a women's prayer group in January.

Home School Goals:
13. Incorporate some Christmas into school.  Added some of this free printable fun I have been sharing.
14. Find lost library book. (Never found it...just had to pay an arm and a leg for it:( My New's Year's goal next year it to not give the Library any of our money!

This Weeks Goals...

Family/Mothering Goals
1. Bake Christmas cookies with the grits
2. Spend some time talking with each one of them.
3. Keep working on looking at them when they are talking to me.

Personal Goals
1. Walk 1 mile and jog 1 mile 5 days this week.
2. Keep working on getting to bed by 10 pm.

Home Management Goals
1. Keep up habit of Menu planning and goal setting
2. Few Christmas photo gifts left to make
3. Stay on schedule with cleaning even though it's the week before Christmas

Ministry Goals
1. Minister to my neighbors where the Holy Spirit leads this Christmas.

Home School Goals 
1. Get in the habit of reading to the grits every night
2. Take a break and enjoy a week off!!


Chasity said...

I love MOney Saving Mom. I have been following her blog for years, way before Money Saving Mom.
Looks like great goals...I need to start doing that for sure.
Something I did for not losing library books...I bought a bag at Auburn Library (any bag would do). We had the rule that if you were not reading the book, it had to go into the bag. We kept the bag in the living room and the kids had to read them in there as well. No library books allowed in rooms. I never have had to pay a fee, but I heard stories from other moms, so I made sure we had a plan before we checked out books.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Joyce said...

Hey, Chasity!
We have a book basket in the family room. They are supposed to read them in there. This one night they asked if they could read this one book...and that was it. It's crazy...I've looked has just disappeared! The girl said if it turns up they will refund my money. So...I'm still praying it will turn up.
Is MOney Saving Mom a different blog? Or was that just a typo?

Chasity said...

typo, ha.
It is crazy how something can go missing and you think it has to be here....happens in the motorhome too and it is only 350sq ft, heehe.

Chasity said...

Merry CHristmas!!!!!