Question for Homeschoolers: When do you start your Christmas Break?

We have started my Christmas break at different times during our 5 years of homeschooling.  There were times we've had so much going on in December that we opted to take the entire month off from school!

  Last year we took a break from Science and History and added a unit study on Christmas Symbols.  We worked until just a few days before Christmas. I really liked this.  It felt like the best of both worlds by doing school and Christmas at the same time.

This year my grand plan of doing a unit study in December was kinked by Mr. Steady. He surprised us by taking vacation  Dec. 2nd through Dec. 9th.  We just started back Monday.    So, I can't make up my mind if we will school some next week or not.  Dancing Grit is lobbying for the time off:)  We'll see. I guess that's the wonderful thing about homeschooling.  You make your own schedule!

I would love to know how others do it. When do you close the books?  Or do you?  I would truly appreciate a little comment telling me how you handle school during the holidays.  Or, you can  leave a link to a blog post if you want to blog about it.  I would love to come by and read it!
Thanks so much!
Have a Blessed Day!


Chasity said...

We usually stop the week of CHristmas. We take off 2 weeks at Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving week and the twins bday the next week....we give a week off on bday weeks.) Go first 2 weeks of December. Then off 2 more weeks for CHristmas and New Years. This is the same pattern we have done each year for a while. We do year around starting 1st full week of June for 180 days (36 weeks of school 16 weeks off) . 1 week off every month =12 weeks off. Extra week at Thanksgiving and Christmas = weeks 13 and 14. Then 2 weeks to play with.....lots of times I just save these until May and have a gap between the stopping one year and starting the next year. Hope this makes sense.
Be blessed,
(As far as when some stop it has to do with how many days they have done of the 180...if you are behind you can catch up or stop if on track. I have a friend that does no school in Dec. Some want to have 1/2 of the days done, 90, before stopping.)

Chasity said...

Oh and HEY~~WAVING!!!! I started my blog back up after a 9 month break. It was over at HSB. I moved it over to blogger. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Joyce said...

Yes, that makes sense. You are always such an awesome resource for homeschooling, parenting, and well just life in general! Thanks so much for taking the time to list it all out.

We only have to have 160 days. So it makes it easier. I really liked having all of June and July off. I was able to get so many projects around the house done in that time. So that is 8 weeks there already. You have given me some great ideas to go on! Thanks!

Chasity said...

aww THanks!!!
160 days, cool. We are not required 180 (we still school in a cover in AL), but most of curriculum are broke up in approx 170ish lessons. Plus public school does we do too. (We had to do 176 when we used Ballard) With 160 that gives you 32 on and 20 weeks off. Even if you take 8 in summer you still have 12 left over...that is awesome.
As far as the paper dolls...yes American Girl. I ordered them months ago. THey must have changed them up since I ordered. THey still have paper dolls on their site, but they are not like ours. I got them for real cheap (well for AG it was cheap like $5/book). They still are reasonable, but a little higher. (They prob discontinued the one I bought, which made them cheap) I was going to link them on the post, but since they were not the same I chose not to.
I have always read your blog, but could not comment due to no blogger id....I have one now, so we can keep up with each other.
I LOVED all your bday party stuff for the girls!!!

Joyce said...

Thanks, girl! So glad we can keep up om the blogs now!