10 Goals for the Week

This weekly goal making is really helping me!  It is great to set these goals and then focus on getting them done.  It's wonderful to see that I am actually accomplishing some of the things I want to and to see where I need to work harder.

Last week's goals...

1. Take the grits to the zoo
2. Play Battleship with Sporty Grit  Her Daddy played with her, but I'm counting it cuz she got to play...that was the point:))

Personal Goals
1. Read Fierce Beauty Read a few chapters. 
2. Bed by 10 pm 5 out of 7 days    Uuummm...can't remember.
3.Walk 1 mile/ Jog 1 mile 3 days this week Maybe once?

Home Management
1. Find a home for all the Christmas gifts  Got everything out of the family room..it's a start.
2. Make returns/exchanges  All but one.
3. Make budget goals and project goals for the upcoming year

Ministry Goals
1. Send out email about starting a prayer group/bible study group at my house   Hmmm...maybe the timing is not right on this one, bc I can't seem to get it done. Would love some help praying about this...I feel led to do something...just not sure exactly what, where, and how. 

Homeschool Goals
1. Plan our "Snowflake Celebration"
2. Map out the next unit in MFW

This Week's Goals...

1. Help grits clean out and organize their rooms
2. Make new chore cards

Personal  (sorry...these are the same old....but I have got to get these down:)
1. Continue reading Fierce Beauty
2. Get to bed by 10
3. Run/Jog  M, Th, F

Home Management 
1. Take down Christmas Decorations
2. Do one thing out of my inbox

1. Pray for guidance on where God wants me to minister outside of my family (as I am typing this I feel God answering me...just need to have the courage to take action in where He is leading my heart)

1. Send in attendance and progress reports

2. Make Preschool File Folder Games

1 comment:

Chasity said...

Looks like great plans. I will be praying with you on your area of ministry. May God show you a clear cut plan and you have the ability to take action where needed.
I have my 6 areas of priorities mapped out with goals in each. I plan to be more purposeful!!! So far so good, but it is only day 2, haha.
Hope you have a blessed week!!!