10 Goals for the Week


1. Help grits clean out and organize their rooms-    Cleaned out the laundry room and under the kitchen sink instead.
2. Make new chore cards

Personal  (sorry...these are the same old....but I have got to get these down:)
1. Continue reading Fierce Beauty
2. Get to bed by 10  I did this at least 2 or 3 nights:)  I am planning on changing this to the habit of the month...bc I am afraid it will always be on my list!
3. Run/Jog  M, Th, F    I did this Monday and Friday and then I walked Saturday...so pretty pleased...at least it's progress!!

Home Management 
1. Take down Christmas Decorations  All but the tree.  All the ornaments are down. Don't really know what Mr. Steady is waiting on...but it's his job bc I can't lift the big pieces.
2. Do one thing out of my inbox   Actually cleared a few things out...feels so good:)

1. Pray for guidance on where God wants me to minister outside of my family (as I am typing this I feel God answering me...just need to have the courage to take action in where He is leading my heart)  Been praying...thought I had an answer...but not so sure now.  Ugghh.

1. Send in attendance and progress reports
2. Make Preschool File Folder Games


SPIRITUAL  (I am making a new category bc I think I need this be an isolated focus for me every week:)
1. Find a Bible Study to join or start one on my home...or both!  (more on this later)
2.Finish Fierce Beauty

3. Continue to pray "The Power of a Praying Wife" over my hubby.

4.Work on Klutz Craft Kits with grits
5.Clean out their rooms with them

6. Clean out my closet

7. Clean out and reorganize the shed
8. Deep Clean the Family Room

9. Attendance and progress reports!!
10. File Folder games for my poor neglected Baby Grit

This list is really helping me!  Even if I don't get it all done, it helps to keep me focused.
What about you?  Have you started making weekly goals?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!


Chasity said...

WAHOO!!!! I know from my last week that if I had not set any goals...I would have got zero done. I posted an update on my Sunday. You are doing great!!! I know you are because you have a plan. Before I made a plan I don't think I got anything done....so glad I took on this...THANKS!!!!

Brandi said...

Sounds like some great goals. I love the idea of setting weekly goals!