10 Goals for the Week

I only got 6 out of 10 done.  That's not great, but it's not horrible.  Every thing done is still progress. At least that is what I keep telling myself. 

Last week's goals...

1. Start a Online Ephesians Bible Study  Started it and even have an email group going! Yay! The timing wasn't right to start a Bible study in my home.  But, with this I am still able to bring women together to focus on the Lord.  I feel so very honored and humbled to be doing this!
2. Continue and or finish Fierce Beauty

3. Continue to pray for him every day.

4. Set aside a day to craft with them.  They really want this and I need, need, need to follow through.  uuugghh...still have not done this.  I am putting this goal on the shelf for now + 5. Clean and reorganize in the big grits room.  They did it themselves when I told them they could not spend their Christmas money on new toys until it was done. 

6. Try out fake eyelashes. A friend of mine did this herself and they look great. I am never good with things like this. So, we'll see how it goes. 

7.Clean out and reorganize the shed
8. Deep Clean the Family Room

9. We'll be visiting Tuskegee at the end of the week. Unit Study on Tuskegee Institute, George Washington Carver, Tuskegee Airmen, and others.  This was fantastic!  A gold mine of history in our backyard! We did two books they sent us and it gave us a great little unit study.
10. Make Winter Sensory Box for Baby Grit. Done.  Hopefully, I'll get some pics posted of this.

This week's goals...

1. Get my group officially established in the Good Morning Girls Bible Study

2. Get Hubby's input on goals in this area.

3.Set up days to do separate devotionals with each grit.  (Thanks, Chasity for this great idea)
4. Take Baby Grit for pictures

5. Get enough sleep
6. Get my hair done

7. Continue reading Money Saving Mom's Budget Book
8. Deep clean the Family Room (my plan is to deep clean one room every month. Hopefully, this will keep the house in shape without having to knock myself out.)
9. Set Up a Full Fledged Budget
10. Take the 3 Month Cash Only Challenge

11. Continue to work at keeping on schedule but not getting stressed about it
12. Have some fun planning our European Feast on Friday.  (this is a brilliant plan I hope I'll have a chance to share with all of you)

Okay...this is 12 goals...but I just couldn't cut out any of my Home Management goals for the week. I really want to start a cash only system right now bc it's the end of the month:) All the bills are paid and I can start fresh in February! 
Hope you are setting some goals and seeing some results!  Let me know and I'll be praying for you!
(Chasity...I'm already praying for you:)


Chasity said...

Thank you sweet girl!!!!!!! You did great this week!!!! I look at them they are goals, and I may not get them all done. However with planning, I am finding out I am getting much more than I did before. I just posted my update. I usually try to do this on Sundays, but I ran out of time.
Hope you have a great week!!!
Oh and we loved Tuskegee. We visited there when we lived in Notasulga. It was awesome!!!! We are in the area. Tim preached in Montgomery and is preaching in Notasulga Wed. We are hoping to go to the capital and Pettus bridge in Selma this week....if it will STOP raining, ha. We are also scheduled for the Hyundai plant this week. We are catching all the places we should have seen when we lived here, but never did, haha.

Joyce said...

hahah...isn't that the way it always goes? I never "toured" NYC until I was living down here. Hubby and I went when we were first married. Looks like sunshine today...hopefully you can get a the capital in!
Have a great day!