Green Slime Smoothies

If you are looking for a way to get your kids to eat spinach...this might be it!

     I made these last week and was not real sure of the response I'd get. (even from my veggie loving crew)  But, we all agreed these were delicious and the grits have been begging me to make them again!

     You can get the recipe for Green Slime Smoothies at All

     It should not be hard to keep the ingredients on hand. I used bag spinach I got on sale at Publix a few weeks ago. This worked great because the recipe requires that you freeze the spinach before you use it anyway.  I just separated into 2 cup portions and froze it until I had the strawberries.  Then, I pulled it all out and threw it in the blender.  My blender has a smoothie button.  So, we just kept going until they were the correct consistency. It did take a little stirring because  there is no real liquids at first.  But, just keep stirring and blending.  The spinach will liquefy and give you all you need.

Here's to happy, healthful eating!


Chasity said...

We had spinach in Ecuador and have loved it ever since. I not sure I could drink it though, ha. I have issues with textures. I can handle smoothies some of the time. I am glad the grits like it!!! It is wonderful to find ways to get healthy in.

Joyce said...

So funny. We do spinach in the North. So, I have eaten it all of my life. No collards or mustard greens. So, it seems funny that the first time you had spinach was in Ecuador:) Guess as funny as it is to think I did not even know what collards were until I came down here.

Chasity said...

I do NOT do collards either, yuck. They made a quesadilla sort of with spinach in Ecuador. Madeline was hooked. I have since made it that way and in stuffed shells, yummy.

Joyce said...

Oh, I do collards now:) Love them!
Have a great night!