Menu Plan Monday

A little boring this week.  Not a lot of new recipes. There are a few repeats...bc, well...I never made them the other weeks.  I really want to be that mom who tries a half a dozen new recipes every week, but truth be told....I am not.   My family truly enjoys simple versions of food. Lucky me! And after a long day at school, I am not usually in the mood to work out a new recipe.  So, this week I will be keeping it simple:)

While I am on the topic of keeping it simple, I'd love to go off on a little tangent.  I think there is something to be said for eating the same things on the same days every week. Really. Would it be so bad to eat Tacos every Friday, Spaghetti every Sunday and so forth?  It doesn't happen that way here bc I follow the sales and Mr. Steady does his thing.  But, I read it in a book by a well seasoned home school mom and I think it's smart. It would sure make meal planning and shopping a lot easier.  Even if you made a menu for 2 weeks and then rotated out. Hmm...may be something I need to test out in the JCAH home.

I am trying to work in a little freezer cooking and cook a few things ahead on Sundays. Hopefully, this will become a habit and will make my life easier in the long run. 

Monday (My Mr. Steady has already changed the plan...I love that he cooks...don't get me wrong....but, sometimes it is hard to plan around him:)

B: On Hand
L:  Leftover Ham and Potato Soup (This was pretty good. My grits are just not fans of cream based soups:(
D:  Chicken Wings, Homemade French Fries, Tropical Fruit Salad (Fruit for dinner? In place of a veggie? Why not?  We learned that in Brazil they eat fruit with almost every meal. Works for me.)

B: Omelets (we have cheese, ham, bell pepper, and onions on hand. We'll just make them to order)
L: Honestly, we rarely eat lunch on Tuesdays bc we eat a late breakfast. We usually just snack around 2 and we're good until dinner.
D: Grilled Chicken and Steak, Oven Baked Brown Rice and Spinach. (The chicken and steak will be compliments of Mr. Steady.  The spinach will be straight out of the freezer bag into boiling water and then to the table. Salt optional.  Told you. Simple. And,  I don't know what I would do without this recipe for baked brown rice. It truly is fool proof brown rice!)

B: On Hand
L: Tuna Salad on Crackers
D: Black-eyed peas, Mash Potatoes, Collards and cheese onion biscuits. (I cooked all but the collards Sunday.  They are in the freezer.  So, we'll just have to pull it out and heat it up before AWANA)

B: Whole Wheat Biscuits, Gravy and Bacon  ( I am hoping to get some biscuits in the freezer this week)
L: Packed lunch for the grits and Steam fresh Veggies for me.
D: Turkey Taco Soup (This is one of those recipes I never got around to making, but really want to try bc my family loves anything tomato based or Mexican inspired.  I just really want to know how the Turkey will go over:  This won't be hard bc I put the shred up Turkey in the freezer when I ended up not using it. I will be a able to defrost and dump. Love those days.)

B: To go (I haven't decided what yet.  Maybe just cereal in bags.  We'll see what's on sale at Publix.  Maybe something fun and easy I can use)
L: Packed Lunch (Probably Peanut Butter sandwiches.  They just travel so easy bc I don't have to worry about refrigerating them:)
D: Chicken Stir Fry and Fried Rice.  (I am planning on getting some extra chicken at Kroger this week.  The plan is to get a few bags of this in the freezer.)

B: Pancakes (The plan is to make a bunch every Saturday and put them in the freezer to add a little variety to the "On Hand" breakfast.  I think Goofy Grit would eat pancakes every day...and Baby Grit is right with her.)
L: Leftovers (It had to be on here once:)
D: Spaghetti and Sauce (This is becoming  a sweet ritual in our house.  Sporty Grit loves to cook. I remembered I had a friend that told me her working mom used to have each of the children make dinner one night a week to help her out.  My friend is a great cook now.  She said she started with very simple things and left the ingredients out or in the fridge with instructions.  I decided you can't get much simpler then Spaghetti.  She still needs a little help and reminding. She is only 8.  But, I figure soon enough I will be able to leave her to it.  Don't worry...I won't let her dump the boiling water until she is a good bit older.)

B: Homemade Chocolate Covered Doughnuts (recipe to come, but you gotta have a doughnut maker)
L:  We may have plenty of leftovers, but if we don't I have more Split Green Peas for soup.
D: Lunch is dinner on Sundays, so we'll just snack around.

On Hand for breakfast this week:
(The grits fix their own breakfast on most mornings)

Cereal (good deal on Kashi Go Lean at Kroger for the past 2 weeks. I stocked up)
Grits (my grits love grits..hehe)
Toast and Peanut Butter 

On Hand for Snacks:

(I just keep a variety of things in the house and go from there)
Carrot Chips
Baby Carrots
Wheat Thins
Banana Babies
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies ( I made them form scratch and froze the dough...yay!)

WOW!  I had a lot to say for a little Menu plan post, huh?  I would love to hear what you have to say.  I am trying to be really good about answering comments. I would love to get to know my readers!  So, fire away! Okay...I know...only so much you can say about a Menu Plan Post:)

Hope you are having a blessed day!

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Chasity said...

We do simple too. I try a new recipe about twice a month. That is not too over whelming for me. As far as each night being a certain night....I used to have Taco Tuesdays and breakfast for supper every kids loved it. You can also just say chicken every Tues, ham every Wed, beef on Thur, so forth. That way the dish can change, but the idea is similar....I read a blog that did that.
Whatever the way....the fact that you menu plan makes you far ahead of the game!!!!