10 Goals for the Week

Making these 10 goals each week is making a gigantic difference in my life! Even though I only get about half of them done, they still help me to know what I am focusing on for the week. And they show me that I really am accomplishing things!  If you have not tried this yet, you really should.  You can download the customizable worksheet at Money Saving Mom.

Last week's goals...
1.  Stay consistent in my GMG Ephesians Bible Study  So far so good!
2. Plan Valentine's Day
3. Paint my toenails. (Seems silly to put this on a goal list, but sometimes I have the hardest time keeping up with the little things.) Didn't get this done...I am so low on my priority list:(
4. Set up Full Fledged Budget Started this.
5. Deep clean the Family Room uugghhh...still not done!
6. Catch up on Global Art I decided I would do any crafts we missed and really want to do over the summer.
7. Start Activity Bag Swap Sent out email to local home school group. Got a few takers, so I'll have to get the ball rolling in a couple of weeks.
8. Work on House 8810 review and giveaway
9. Link up with Women in the Word Wednesdays

This week's goals...
1. Keep up with GMG group and study
2. Find small ways to help people on a daily basis

3. Make one out-of-the-house-date happen a month
4. Work on Habit for the Month: Drink More Water
5. Get Facial and Pedi  (My adopted mom does this for free....I know I am so blessed!)
6.Finish full fledged budget
7. Price and deliver items to local consignment sale
8. Add Valentine's to our week
9. Look for new Phonics program for Emily
10. Write Purex Packet review


Chasity said...

You are doing awesome!!!! Goal setting has become a habit since you have been doing them......that is an accomplishment!!

Joyce said...

Yes. That is true! Thanks for being such an encourager! Having you cheering for me really helps! Have a great week:)